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Yacht brokers signal sales growth in export markets

Trend: yachtbrokers in the Netherlands signal persistent growth in export markets

The trend in the Netherlands that more and more used yachts are being sold abroad continues. In the first quarter of 2017, 30% of the sailing yachts sold left the country. Of the power yachts, about 24% goes abroad. Belgium, Germany and England receive the largest numbers of sold Dutch yachts. This is reported by yacht brokers who are affiliated with HISWA Association and/or NBMS.

First quarter of 2017 flattening sales growth

In the first quarter of 2017, the yacht brokers see a flattening sales growth. Marcel Borgmann, Chairman of HISWA Yacht Brokers: “The reason for a flattening total revenue of sales may be that the supply of ‘new’ used yachts for sale becomes thighter in the Netherlands.

Demand for young well-kept yachts increased

“In recent years, demand for young used and well-maintained yachts has increased, but the offer is probably not adequately complemented.”

More sales to first yacht owners

The average sales period for cabin yachts is 11 months, open boats are about 8 months on display. “Furthermore, boats are more often sold to new first owners. Whether this is a trend or not is still to be seen,” Borgmann said.

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The data for this research have been collected on the website, a joint initiative of certified yacht brokers who are affiliated with HISWA Association and/ or NBMS.

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