Sales results quarter 3 best for years, according Dutch yachtbrokers

In Quarter 3, best results in years, motor yachts are popular

In the second and third quarter of 2017, most used motor yachts are popular, according to the yachtbrokers affiliated with the Dutch Federation of Brokers in Ships (NBMS) and the HISWA Association. The quarter 3 results are the best in years.

Sales time decreases

“Comparing the third quarter of 2016 with 2017, we see that the increasing demand for motor yachts also means that the average sales time has decreased from 440 to 350 days,” says NBMS chairman Harald Falkeisen. “In addition, the more expensive sailing vessels of over 100,000 euros also sell better than in the comparable quarter last year. It seems that the market is getting a little more confidence and that’s good news. In addition, the sales time for sailing yachts, between 50,000 to 100,000 euros, dropped from 198 to 145 days and that’s also a positive signal, Falkeisen said.

Foreigners in the market

Buyers from abroad are permanently interested in Dutch yacht offers. About 20% of the sailing- and motor yachts sold in the third quarter find a place abroad. The cabin yachts sold by the brokers have an average length of 11 meters. Open boats are on average 7 meters long.

Database of is leading

The data for this research is collected through the website, a joint initiative of certified yachtbrokers who are affiliated with the NBMS and / or Qualified HISWA Brokers.

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