Prijzen gebruikte boten stijgen - prices used boats are rising

Yacht brokers: prices of used boats are rising

2017 positive result, prices used boats are rising

The yacht brokers who are members of the HISWA Association – branch organisation of water sports and yacht building – and NBMS – Dutch Association of Yacht brokers – conclude the year 2017 with a positive result. For example, more expensive used boats were sold in 2017 and the prices of used boats are rising.

‘We look back with satisfaction on 2017’

Motor yachts slightly more expensive than sailing yachts

In 2016, a used sailing yacht cost an average of 64,000 euros, in 2017 sailing yachts were sold for an average of 81,000 euros. Motor yachts were slightly more expensive: in 2016 a motor yacht cost an average of 78,000 euros, in 2017 it increased to 112,000 euros.

‘Our expectations are positive for 2018’

Market for used yachts became reasonably stable in 2017

‘In addition, the time that a yacht is for sale is becoming shorter and shorter’, says Marcel Borgmann, chairman of the HISWA Yacht Brokers business group. “All in all we have the impression that the market for used yachts is reasonably stable again after the turbulent time around the economic crisis.” A motor yacht was about 352 days for sale and a yacht took 282 days to find a new owner. ‘We look back with satisfaction on 2017 and our expectations are positive for 2018’, Borgmann concludes.

Database of is leading

The data for this research is collected through the website, a joint initiative of qualified yacht brokers who are affiliated with the NBMS and / or Qualified HISWA Brokers.

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