Doing business reliably

Large sums of money are often involved in the purchase or sale of a yacht. Therefore, you want to be assured that your transaction is managed reliably.

Reliability in selling or buying your yacht? Choose one of our professional brokers!

The yachts on this website are supplied to you by the professional yacht brokers affiliated to the NBMS and/or HISWA brokers. These brokers ensure professional handling and support with the sales process, for both buyers and vendors. This is evident from, among other things, the use of a solid professional purchase agreement, the use of client trust accounts and/or clear arrangements about the fund flows, reliable general conditions and professional liability insurance. Virtually every office employs an certified broker with considerable

Certified brokers

The certified brokers have undertaken special training and have a minimum of four years’ work experience. Brokers who do not yet have the period of experience are registered as associates.

Further information is available under: ‘About NLyachts and contact’.

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